Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring the Diplomettes: CD
  • Diplomats of Solid Sound featuring the Diplomettes: CD
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With each release The Diplomats Of Solid Sound grew in sophistication and depth as they ingested the sounds of 60s soul, R&B and deep funk. Their albums captured the band in its natural habitat, a dimly lit bar where people appreciate a good smoke, a vodka gimlet and a funky little combo that knows how to get the cats and kittens out of their seats and onto the dancefloor. The sound got the boys a gig backing R&B legend Andre Williams, with whom they cut "Aphrodisiac", released in 2006 on both Pravda Records and the Spanish Vampisoul label . That same year the group asked 3 three gifted soul sirens (Sarah Cram, Katherine Ruestow, and Abigail Sawyer) aka The Diplomettes to join the band, which brings us up to date. With a slightly renewed line-up (original drummer Jim Viner is replaced by Paul Kresowik and the departure of Abbie Sawyer leaves Sarah Cram and Katharine Ruestow as The Diplomettes), the group prepares to launch their latest full-length and fifth album, "What Goes Around Comes Around" in October 2010, confirming their standing as one of the more prolific funk and soul groups of the contemporary scene. Prepare for a supercharged new set of prime cuts for the dancefloor guaranteed to groove its way into your head and your ass -- and get both moving fast!

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