Andre Williams' "Don't Ever Give Up" is out!

Andre Williams does not need an introduction anymore. At age 80, his career has taken him around the world and back, spanning over 60 years with more ups and downs than most people would not survive. Andre is a true survivor who continues to tour the world, write songs, write books, and generally entertain anyone sitting next to him with his stories and charisma. With this 12 song LP, Andre has teamed up with some of the finest NewOrleans musicians to assemble a collection of songs that reflect his current mind-set and attitude. One part rock, one part R&B, and one part Andre Williams- having fun and doing his thing! This is a soulful record, a serious record and a reflective record of an icon still at work as a world-class entertainer. Cd and digital is available now. limited edition purple vinyl comes out in March. Get it on our site today or on iTunes


  • samuel darden

    samuel darden

    This guy was awesome. armour games

    This guy was awesome. armour games

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